Learned Man: “I’m on a mission to civilize; I’m Don Quixote.”

Woman Who is Supposed to be a Gritty War Correspondent and Polymath: “I’m Don Quixote.”

Learned Man: “Have you even read Don Quixote?”

Woman Who is Supposed to be a Gritty War Correspondent and Polymath: “In the original French.”

Learned Man: “It was written in Spanish.”

OH, YA BURNT, WOMAN. For chrissakes, it is not PLAUSIBLE that she would do that, the NAME is “Don Quixote.” Spanish! ARGH!

Incidentally, earlier in the episode he mouths off about how “I only seem liberal because I believe hurricanes are caused by high barometric pressure and not by gay marriage.” And I’m not going to go out on a meteorological limb here, I just watched a lot of Weather Network, but…isn’t that totally wrong? Like, aren’t hurricanes started by low-pressure zones that happen above warm ocean waters?

(I may be wrong, but I’ll be right in the morning and he’ll still be a jag.)

AND THEN HE PULLS THE GUN ON HIS DATE TO DEMONSTRATE HOW SHE COULD BE DISARMED, and she says “is it wrong that I’m turned on right now?”

From the Hairpin’s Worst Moment in Last Night’s The Newsroom

In general, I feel bad about bashing someone’s work; it’s almost impossible to do without mentally convicting yourself in Teddy Roosevelt’s booming narrative.

However, The Newsroom is not just badly written (though it is that). Not just biased and sanctimonious to the point of being uninteresting. Not just cheating by playing the smartest kid in the room based on current knowledge of past events. Not just completely unrealistic in its depiction of an unprofessional, disrespectful, overly-personal and total lack of decorum (usually displayed by women) in the workplace.

It’s also so wildly misogynistic I keep waiting for that to be the moral of one slow slogging episode. But it NEVER IS. They’re actually serious with this set up — in which bumbling, shrewish women exist only to screw over men and spend the rest of their lives self-flagellating (What happened to Mac’s embedded war correspondent back story? I’d love to see you mine that! Heaven forfend we lend her character any depth or complexity, though, eh?) Or, to serve as a foil against which men can slam repeated volleys proving their superior intellect, physical strength, powers of deduction, civility and morality. 

Last night’s episode was quite literally a menagerie of clips of Will correcting women I guess we were supposed to interpret as stupid, whorish, crazy, irresponsible, petty, mean and vapid. 

We’ve been re-watching old West Wing episodes while we work around the house this month. Nearly every one makes me want to rend my garments in lamentation that the Aaron Sorkin who wrote that show has somehow become the Aaron Sorkin who wrote this miserable, insulting, unfair, smug drivel. Seriously. It makes me unspeakably sad that a writer capable of such greatness is also capable of such smallness.

More than anything, I’m disappointed that such an interesting subject matter is being wasted on someone who seems to have stepped over his talent in pursuit of some consuming agenda. Whether this crusade is against Business, the Tea Party or women, it’s hard to say. But his better angels are clearly being distracted by something.

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BOOM!  Gonna marry this girl y’all.  And here’s just one reason why.  Suck it, Sorkin!

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