Photographer Peter Menzel’s book, Hungry Planet, features families photographed with a week’s worth of food.

Well this puts things in perspective.

This is amazing to look at and certainly puts things in perspective for our unnaturally high meat intake in the US.

However, it’s also helpful to point out that there’s a difference in Purchasing Power Parity between all of these countries.  One of the reasons we can’t have bushels of bananas or potatoes or whatnot for $5 is that those things have a much higher cost here in the US than they do somewhere like Ecuador.  Even subsisting on simple grains for a week would cost more for an American than someone in Chad, and it has nothing to do with waste, just with economics. 

Not that Americans don’t waste ALL THE TIME, obviously, because we would probably take Chad’s $1 and spend it on an iTunes app that delivers a daily knock-knock joke or something.  Besides the fact that by eating meat we eat less efficiently in just about every possible way, we also buy so much processed product that the value of our caloric intake compared to other nations (is value of caloric intake something that we can measure?  Soda, overcooked frozen vegetables, water-pumped cold cuts, etc.) is probably the most abysmal on the planet.

Anyway, there is a lot to be said on the subject.

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posted 1 year ago