Remember that Monsanto-benefiting rider anonymously added to a vital bill the other day?  Now we know it was added by Missouri scuzzbucket Senator Roy Blunt!   Monsanto, based in Missouri, has given LOTS of money to Blunt over the past few years. 

Even more impressive, Blunt’s wife and son are both lobbyists!  Blunt and his wife Abigail met “while Abigail Blunt was serving as a prominent lobbyist for tobacco giant Philip Morris in the early 2000s. Their relationship drew controversy in 2002 when then-Rep. Blunt “unsuccessfully tried to insert a measure benefiting Philip Morris into the 475-page bill creating the Department of Homeland Security,” as the Washington Post reported at the time. Throwing a bone to Big Tobacco in a homeland security bill is about as bold as larding a funding bill with a rider that grants legal protection to novel GM crops.”

How audacious!  But clearly there couldn’t be anything fishy about that surprising and unrelated coincidence.

Abby is now the top lobbyist for Kraft, while Blunt’s son is a top lobbyist for the auto industry.  So be on the lookout for more of Blunt’s riders, probably a tax requiring cheese dispensers in every car.  That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea…

posted 1 year ago